Hidden History
May 3, 2018

Last week I was invited to learn about Guatemalan history, the dark chapter of the civil war. It was incredibly impactful. I took a tour at the National Police Archives in Guatemala City, where one of their longtime employees explained how 80 million documents were found in terrible condition 13 years ago. Through a tremendous effort they have been able to preserve, identify, classify, organize and preserve about 22 million of these documents.


The content of these documents is mind blowing as they reveal details of the mechanism of the police forces and their violations of human rights since 1882. They are of great importance for court proceedings, but even more valuable to families that have been looking for their missed beloved ones since the 36 year long Guatemalan civil war. This is a unique opportunity to witness the Guatemalan process of peace and reconciliation with your own eyes. Come join us on one of our day trips or longer tours