“Justice Travel is aiming to change the world”
August 2, 2018

Coverage of Justice Travel in The Independent:

“Soacha, and the nearby Sumapaz Páramo – a type of plateau unique to Latin America and a biodiversity hotspot – are the destinations of the maiden tour of Justice Travel, a new travel agency which claims to use tourism to support human rights.

‘Human rights [activism] needs new actors and methods,” Juan Orjuela Álvarez, country representative for Colombia, says. “We believe travel and travellers are part of this. Travellers care about the places and communities they visit, and have ideas, energy and networks,” he adds. “We should make the most of this, and not just see tourism as an economic resource.”

Talking about our short tour to Suacha:

Marina – whose tireless campaigning for justice led her to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize – proceeds to perform an intimate, moving performance in memory of her son. She then speaks to us about ‘Falsos Positivos’, taking questions at the end. It’s here that Justice Travel proves the strength of its relationships with the communities it tours. Few outfits visit Soacha, let alone facilitate access to one of the country’s most famous human rights activists, week in, week out. 

Marina welcomes the prospect of foreign visitors. “These years under [President-elect] Ivan Duque will be tough, but international partners visiting will be one way for us to have hope until we have a government that is friendly towards human rights,” she says. 

And getting to the core of our ideals:

…Justice Travel has achieved an impressive feat – creating tours which go beyond the standard tourist-friendly veneer of a place and actually deep-dive into the issues facing host communities. It’s not something an outsider could do alone, but their experiences will be all the richer for it.”

Thanks very much to journalist Will Worley for accompanying us on this special trip! Read the full article here.