Los YouTubers of Colombia
May 14, 2018

Colombia is a hectic country. Journalists are covering a constant stream of events and happenings. Hardly a day goes by without a major debate between political adversaries. People who are interested in the politics of this country really have to make an effort to keep the pace with the latest news.

Many Colombians, young and old, now follow the so-called ‘YouTubers’ to stay up to date on main affairs. ‘Los Youtubers’ are people who upload YouTube videos commenting on the most relevant occurrences of the country, usually with a strong elements of satire. For the best YouTubers, humor is a powerful communication tool and behind trivial comments and jokes there are often powerful statements.

These four YouTubers are the most influential and popular among Colombians. Watch a few videos and see if you can keep up! 

La Mesa de Centro – Created by La Silla Vacía, the most influential independent news website in Colombia.


La Pulla – Belongs to El Espectador, the oldest newspaper in Colombia.


Hola soy Danny – Run by comedian Daniel Samper. He belongs to a family with close ties to political power.


Me dicen Wally – This channel is particularly interesting because it’s host works independently and created his fan base from scratch.



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