Flights and Transportation

International flights

Travelers must purchase their international flights separately. Once you’ve made a deposit for your tour, we will be in touch to discuss different options. We recommend purchasing your flights well in advance of your trip. You can use sites like Kayak or Skyscanner to find out how much your flight might cost, and how long the trip is.

Upon your arrival in country, you will be met by a Justice Travel representative at the airport and taken to your hotel. We will also drop you off at the airport for your departure from the country, unless you choose to stay in the country past the end of the trip. Please let us know if you need different pickup or drop-off arrangements and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Local transportation

Justice Travel works with our experienced local tour operators to make sure that moving around the country is as easy and as safe as possible. We utilize exclusively locally-owned transportation companies, all with impeccable safety records, experienced drivers, and regularly maintained, modern vehicles. All of our in-country flights are with major scheduled airlines. 

We strive to make sure bus rides are as short and comfortable as possible. Note that the difficulty level of each tour (Light, Moderate, or Challenging) refers both to physical activity, as well as roads and hotels. Even on Light tours there may be some occasional windy or bumpy roads. 

If you want to explore cities by yourself, we will give you numbers for trusted taxi services.