Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Justice Travel?

Justice Travel is a social impact travel company. We work in partnership with human rights activists, community leaders, and journalists around the world to connect travel and human rights, running tours with our partners and advocating for their issues. 

Why the word ‘Justice’?

For us, the concept of Justice ties together our work and our vision for the world. A more just world is one in which everyone is treated fairly and decently, in which there is both universal opportunity and universal accountability, and in which all people are free to determine their own destinies. We believe that travel should be for justice – in the spirit of justice, and also directly contributing to progress towards a more just world. 

Is Justice Travel a for-profit or a not-for-profit?

Although our mission and prioritization of impact over profit is more similar to a not-for-profit, we are legally a benefit (C) corporation, registered in the US. While this means reduced tax benefits, our operating model allows us much greater flexibility to work on behalf of our partners. Our social mission is written directly into our articles of incorporation, as well as all agreements with investors. 30% of profits from each tour go directly to our partners, and what’s left is spent on increasing our impact. Prioritizing clients and communities over dividends and bonuses shouldn’t be a fringe practice – it should be required of all companies and all industries.

Who are Justice Travel’s human rights partners?

We work with inspiring women and men who are fighting for justice in their countries and  their communities. This is a diverse group which includes national-level NGOs and advocates, community leaders and local groups, and individual activists, experts, and journalists. We select our partners carefully, focusing on groups who are working on challenging issues where international support is lacking. The 30% of our tour profits which go directly to our partners allows them to continue their vital work, unimpeded by the scarcity and administrative burden of grant funding. In our returned travelers, they also gain a global network of ambassadors for their causes.

What happens after the tour?

Spending time with our human rights partners is impactful and inspiring, and for many this becomes a truly transformational life experience. When you return home, you return as ambassadors for our partners and members of a global community. We will help you take action in your own country and your own community, and facilitate regular communication between you, your fellow travelers, and our partners. Sometimes we focus broadly on awareness building; writing letters or editorials about your experience, speaking to others in your community, or hosting local events. Sometimes our partners need specific action; lobbying visits to your elected officials, advocacy towards companies or investors engaged in wrong-doing, or coordinated public campaigns about a particular issue. As we grow, so does the power of this global community you are joining!

Is this volunteer tourism?

Our travelers are a huge asset to our human rights partners, precisely because the countries where our travelers are from – generally the US, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand – have an outsized impact on the countries where our human rights partners live and on the issues they work on. Our travelers can have an impact at home that our partners would never be able to achieve on their own. This is light-years more useful than painting schools or playing with kids. Beyond practical concerns, we also believe that travel should be used to actively promote equality and to take on fundamental problem in society. Poor communities are not sympathy zoos. If we want to be part of the solution, then we need to engage as equals, as humans simply born into different circumstances, and work together across the lines which so often divide us.




What is included in the trip?

Included in the price of your trip is:

  • All accommodations
  • All local transportation, including airport pickup and drop-off, ground transportation to all scheduled activities, and any flights within the country
  • Accompaniment throughout the tour by our Justice Travel Country Representative, as well as experienced bilingual guides
  • Some meals. All breakfasts are included, and some lunches and dinners. 

What is not included:

  • International flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Some meals
  • Gifts, souvenirs, etc

Does Justice Travel arrange my international flights?

We do not arrange international flights. We are happy to talk with you about different flight options and arrival/departure times, but you will have to make the booking yourself through your travel agent or an online flight booking service.

How many people will be on my trip?

All of our tours are small group, between 10 and 15 travelers. We know that sometimes this means longer wait lists for our more popular trips, but we find that a small group dynamic is essential to forging new connections – with our human rights partners as well as your fellow travelers.

What kind of accommodations do we stay at?

Each tour has different types of accommodations, please see the Itinerary for details. On tours rated Light, we stay only in 3- and 4-star hotels. On tours rated Moderate or Challenging, we may stay in more rustic lodging or home-stays while away from major cities. All hotels are vetted for quality, customer service, sustainability practices, and labor practices. 

How will we get around during the trip?

We travel in modern, well serviced vehicles with experienced, licensed drivers. Our local transportation companies are thoroughly vetted. You will receive more information about in-country transportation before arrival. We strive to make sure bus trips are as short and comfortable as possible. And even fun!

Will I have time to explore on my own?

Yes, each tour has free time built in. We will have recommendations for local activities, places to explore, or markets to buy gifts and souvenirs.  

How do you make sure that we are safe on the trips?

Safety is always our top priority. We conduct a full risk analysis on every activity and transportation route, and are in regular communication with our partners about conditions on the ground. There are decades of experience between our human rights partners and our local tour operators, and rest assured that we are meticulous in our planning. Your pre-departure orientation will contain some information about health and safety in the country you will be visiting. 

Do I need to get travel insurance?

We require all travelers to purchase travel insurance before traveling with us. 

What kind of vaccinations do I need?

Each country we visit has different requirements. Your pre-departure orientation will contain some information about vaccinations. However, Justice Travel does not provide medical advice, and you should always see your doctor before traveling. You can check the CDC website for more information on each destination.  

What if I get sick or need medical attention during the trip?

If the need arises, we will bring you to a high-quality medical facility for medical attention. It is important that you let us know before the trip about any medical conditions, and during the trip, let us know if you start to feel unwell. Our tour operator partners have decades of experience dealing with all kinds of situations. 

How can I pay for my trip?

We accept payments by credit or debit card from 135 countries, PayPal, wire transfers and ACH payments. We can also accept payments by check, mailed to our address in the US. Deposits are generally paid online by credit or debit card.

How do I get visas for my trip?

Most of our current destinations do not require visas before arrival.Your pre-departure orientation will contain some information about visas. However, Justice Travel cannot obtain your visa for you. 

What if I am vegan or vegetarian, or have food allergies?

We can accommodate almost any meal preferences, but please let us know as far in advance as possible. 

Can I go on a Justice Travel tour with my family?

Absolutely! We love having families with us. Nothing is better than sharing a transformational experience with loved ones. Let us know who’s coming, and any special needs or preferences you have.

Can I take a large group on a Justice Travel trip?

We can easily accommodate large groups, either within a planned tour or on a separate customized tour. You can book groups on a planned tour the same way you would book an individual tour. For more information on customized tours, please send us an email at

How much physical exertion is there on a Justice Travel tour?

We rate our tours for level of physical exertion – Light, Moderate, or Challenging. Please be in touch with us if you have any concerns about physical exertion. 

Can people with disabilities go on a Justice Travel tour?

We will do our utmost to accommodate anyone who wants to come on a Justice Travel tour. Some activities may not be possible for everyone, but with sufficient notice we may be able to adapt our itineraries. 

How can I get cash during my trip? Can I use my credit card on the trip?

There are ATM machines available at all or almost every place that we stay. We can also help you exchange cash or travelers cheques upon arrival. Credit cards are often accepted in major cities, but do not assume that they will be accepted everywhere. 

Can I add on extra days before or after my trip?

Absolutely! Just let us know your plans. We cannot make additional hotel or flight bookings for you – but if you’d like recommendations on places to go, please be in touch during the pre-departure orientation. 

What happens if I have to cancel my trip? Or if I want to transfer to a different Justice Travel trip?

Things happen! We are happy to accommodate a transfer to a different tour with small fees, depending on how far in advance you make the change. If you need to cancel your trip entirely, we can refund most of what you have paid already. Please see our Terms of Use and Sale for full details. 

Are the deposits refundable?

Unfortunately, deposits are not refundable.